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Prosthodontic treatments and procedures

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Dr. Castellon
Prosthodontic treatments and proceduresProsthodontists specialize in a number of procedures and operations regardless of being simple or complex. Surprisingly, most prosthodontic procedures have a success rate that ranges from 95% to 99% with an experienced doctor behind the tools. The success of these procedures is a result of the intense training and specialization that our doctors go through before becoming certified prosthodontists. Some of the procedures and treatments they handle are explained below.

Replacing the missing teeth

Prosthodontic treatments help patients replace missing teeth or repair them in case they are broken. The first and most common procedure is replacing missing teeth. You might lose your teeth either naturally or due to other reasons. That should not be a cause for alarm because our dedicated team of prosthodontists are here to help. The missing tooth or teeth can be replaced keeping in mind the various individual needs. It might be a choice between removable dentures or permanent dentures, fixed or removable bridges, and at times two methods might be combined. The prosthetics are made in a laboratory with utmost care considering the aesthetics and proper fit for the patient.

Dental implant

This procedure involves the addition of artificial tooth or teeth in the mouth. The implants are placed in the gum surgically straight to the jawbone. The implant abutment is fixed to the jaw by an abutment fixation screw, which extends through the gums into the mouth in support of the artificial tooth. The dental implant is a process that can be done in the case of a missing tooth or teeth. The success rate of a dental implant is actually 98%. This makes it very safe and reliable. In case you may need any of the above, or more procedures not mentioned, call us to book your appointment.

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