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Factors that can increase your risk of periodontitis

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Man smiling in dental chair after a dental exam at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TXPeriodontal diseases often advance as a result of negligence. Both on the patient's part and on the dentist's part. However, the dentist is not to blame if the patient does visit the hospital. In most cases, when you visit the hospital earlier, the dentist will come up with possible solutions and eventually treatment. In the case of the patient, there are some things that they may do that increases the occurrence of the disease. This is what we call risk factors, and they are mentioned below.


The first factor is the age of the affected patient. Studies have revealed that older people have a higher chance of acquiring periodontal diseases. Interpreted in numbers, 70% of Americans who are 65 and older have some form of gum infection. That means that the older you get, the more frequent your visits should be. This will help in preventing potential infections and in the case that there is already an underlying issue, the dentist will find a way out.

Tobacco and smoking

Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and lung disease are linked to the use of tobacco. Moreover, tobacco users have an increased risk of periodontal diseases. Studies have shown that tobacco use has more significant risk factors in the progression of the disease.


This might be surprising, but it is a cause. Stress is linked to more serious conditions like hypertension and cancer. Research has it that stress can make it harder for the immune system to fight periodontal diseases and other infections. Therefore, patients with stress issues are advised to visit the dentist often for oral checkups and general body checkups for their own benefit.

Poor nutrition and obesity

A diet that is low in nutrients can compromise the body's immune system. This is because periodontal diseases begin as an infection. As it advances, patients with poor diet are likely to worsen the condition of their gums. Obesity on the other hand has been studied and proven to have increased the risk of periodontal disease. All these risk factors can be handled and prevented. Visit our offices today to find a lasting solution for your issue.

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