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How Do You Floss Around a Partial?

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Dr. Castellon
How Do You Floss Around a Partial?While you may have become a pro at flossing around your natural teeth, flossing around a partial also includes removing food and plaque underneath the appliance. The following information tells you how to floss around a partial and do it right.

What Should You Use to Floss around a Partial?

While there are many types of floss, including waxed flosses and unwaxed flosses, for cleaning natural teeth, you need to use a floss threader when you have a dental appliance or partial denture. The floss threader resembles an incredibly flexible needle made of plastic. The needle-type device is used to pass traditional floss below a dental appliance. The threader is not necessary unless you have a partial.

How Dental Professionals Advise Patients to Floss Beneath Bridgework

According to the Dear Doctor Dental and Oral Health Magazine online, you need to place an 18” piece of floss through the loop of a floss threader. Direct the straight edge of the floss threader at the gum line, guiding the threader under the partial or bridge. Move from the cheek or lip side of the teeth to the tongue or palate side. Next, hold an end of the floss and pull the other end through, releasing the threader and wrapping the ends of the floss around the middle finger on each hand. The floss should be pulled taut while you use your index finger to direct it. When this happens, the floss forms a “C” shape as you work it against the surfaces that need cleaning. Move the floss close to the site and softly beneath the gum before working it up and down on either side of the implant or connecting crowns for the bridge.

While there is a small learning curve when flossing around a partial, it still uses the same basic concept as flossing regular teeth. You just need the threader to guide the floss under the partial or bridge. If you have questions along these lines, don't hesitate to call our office for the answers.

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