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What is an Onlay and an Inlay?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Dr. Castellon
What is an Onlay and an Inlay?When patients have a cavity or widespread tooth decay, they have numerous options available. Fillings still remain the most frequently chosen option to fill a cavity and stop the advance of tooth decay however there are other options. The onlay and inlay are two different kinds of fillings which can be used when a simple filling is not adequate. They each are chosen for different reasons and can address specific circumstances in the patient's treatment.

Lifespan of Inlays and Onlays

For the relatively simple filling, an onlay will suffice. It is the best solution when the cavity is on the biting surface of the tooth and the decay has not spread anywhere else. When the damage to the tooth extends beyond the cusp it is considered extensive. For those types of situations, the onlay is the recommended procedure.

For both onlay and inlays to be successful, the decay or diseased section of the tooth has to be completely removed and the area cleaned thoroughly. Only then can they be placed. Without removing the diseased section, the infection can continue beneath the inlay and onlay and make things more complicated for a successful treatment.

Lifespan of Inlays and Onlays

Both inlays and onlays have changed over time as have almost every appliance and technique in dentistry. They were made of gold which is very durable. Now, however, they are made of porcelain. The porcelain material can be shaped to fit the tooth perfectly and also tinted to match the color of the existing teeth. This helps the dental work blend in, so it is not noticeable. Inlay and onlays, when the patient practices good oral hygiene can last up to thirty years or more with proper directional care from our experienced dentist. Less invasive and far less expensive than crowns, inlays and onlays are an excellent solution to fill teeth and to correct minor damage to either the upper or lower teeth.

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