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Multiple Tooth Replacement
Prosthodontist Dallas

Computer image of multiple tooth replacement at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas.Life can get difficult when you are missing most of your teeth. While there are various procedures you can undergo in order to replace your teeth, it is necessary for you to understand what will work best for you and how you can restore full functionality and have your teeth look natural without too much stress. Full mouth dental implants are highly recommended in such situations because it helps to make your life a lot easier and you don't have to be worried about whether or not these changes will affect the way you look or the way your teeth will function. In case you are wondering how these multiple tooth implants can benefit you, then you should visit Dallas Prosthodontics to learn more about why you should consider getting dental implant dentures.

Advantages of an Implant-supported Bridge

Implant-supported bridges come with many benefits. One of the best aspects about these bridges is that they are fitted into your mouth permanently so you will not need to worry about cleaning them or taking them off at night before you head to bed, as you do with dentures. These bridges are easy to slip into your mouth with the help of the right professionals, like us, and once they are fitted, it feels exactly like natural teeth. Unlike most dental bridges that can come off when you bite into something hard, this is not the case with an implant-supported bridge which helps you to feel more confident while you eat your food. There is a lower risk of infection when you use an implant-supported bridge because they are well fitted into your gums and there is no space for bacteria to grow when you maintain a good level of oral hygiene.

It is recommended that you regularly get oral dental checkups done as there is a lesser chance for any infection to set in and since it is a complete set of teeth, there is no risk of any one of them falling out. Once you have these teeth placed carefully inside your mouth there is little that you need to worry about in terms of your dental work. They are long-lasting and an implant supported bridge can last up to 20 years.

How These Bridge Are Placed

People are often concerned with regard to how these dental implants are placed and whether it is a painful procedure or not. When done by professionals like us, the procedure is minimally invasive and all it needs are screws to be placed in your jaw to act as the posts on which the bridge is fitted carefully. Since these are attached to your jaw, it does not have any sort of jaw deterioration and your facial features do not change.

When there is no jaw support, your jaw structure is bound to change the way you look. If you have questions about how an implant-supported bridge can benefit you then you should definitely visit Dallas Prosthodontics so we can explain in further detail. We also provide single tooth implants for those who are not yet in need of a full mouth tooth replacement. You can call (972) 503-7200 to learn more about the procedures we perform and see how we can assist you.

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