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Dr. Buskin, Dr. Castellon and their staff welcome feedback and comments as an important part of our growth. Patient endorsements, reviews and testimonials are so helpful in keeping our practice thriving. We would really appreciate an online review from you too! If we’ve had the pleasure of providing your dental care, submit your review today.

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5 Star Review

"I am 72 years old and, for reasons too lengthy to detail here, I have practically lived in dental chairs from the time I was very little; so, I have great experience with dentists from general dentistry to specialties and know good ones when I see them. I met Dr. Buskin through my periodontist after his examining me and consulting about finally considering dental implants. This was quite a difficult time for me as I had been through a lot of pain, found eating difficult, and knew I had other health issues that were exacerbated by the problems with my teeth and gums. Therefore, I was quite emotional. Though I was excited at the prospect of having a final solution to all my problems, I also experienced anxiety and depression at the thought of giving up the fight to keep my natural teeth. Though I am normally quite practical and in control, I was not when faced with this decision.
As I sat in Dr. Buskin's office waiting for him that first time, all I could think of was "I wonder if he has any idea how much I need him to be the perfect choice for me?" Then in he walked with an energetic step, a genuine smile and an excitement of being able to help me that made me hopeful. During those first couple of visits where I was shown and given detailed descriptions of my options, I proved myself to be a real challenge. I was overwhelmed realizing that there were real solutions for my condition and yet conflicted about which avenue to take; embarrassingly, I was in tears.
It was then that Dr. Buskin proved himself to me. There was no frustration in his reaction, no criticisms, and no pressure. He showed true empathy- an empathy that would remain steadfast throughout our time together. This was the key, the cornerstone of our working relationship. After his careful review of the possibilities and his own thoughts regarding my personal expectations, we decided on the best plan for me. He coordinated with my periodontist regarding surgery and, he actually was present for that surgery working closely to consult regarding the initial stage of implants.
He planned my future visits with his own office so that they were convenient for me and coached me through each visit making sure I understood each and every part of the procedures. He was not only tolerant of my questions, he welcomed them and actually enjoyed sharing information about the work he was doing. This enabled me to really appreciate the lengths he went to in order to make sure that when this journey was over, he would be placing dentures in my mouth that would fit perfectly, feel very secure, and look like my own natural teeth. And, he gained the approval of my husband who was present to observe all the measuring, all the attention to precision he demanded of himself and his lab technicians. This was a real validation of his professionalism and expertise to me because my husband worked in a profession where measuring and precision dealt with tenths and hundredths of thousandths.
My final results? I have no pain. I eat with comfort. And, I really do have a beautiful smile.
For those who may consider Dr. Buskin's services, I would tell you that I strongly recommend him and his office. His support personnel, both chairside and in the front office, are just as supportive, welcoming, and accommodating as Dr. Buskin and I believe have been chosen for that very reason. When you find an expert who also happens to have the empathy and sensitivity to address your concerns with compassion and sincerity, you are in the right place. I know your experience and your result will be a great one."

5 Star Review

Patient Since 2016

"I don’t know where to start. It begins as I’m opening the front door. They’re happy to see me! They accommodate my needs, understand when I have a bad day from fibromyalgia and depression. They notice when I wear a cute outfit and come see my cute shoes. What they might not know is how much I appreciate it. As a disabled person who spends a lot of time at home alone, sometimes my only contact with the outside world is in the doctors’ office. They don’t know how vital and active I used to be and how much I’ve lost.

I’m letting you know, I really appreciate you: Dr. Buskin and staff, Cheryl, Stephanie, Susan, Kathy, Dr. Castellon (who fit me in when Dr. B was off), Amanda.

Thank you."

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