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Touch & Digital Scanners (Procera)

A woman about to use a scanner at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TXNobel Procera prosthodontics provides our patients with an innovative product designed to benefit you, offering exceptional aesthetics and strength using full acrylic and zirconia materials for a metal-free option. Our staff at Dallas Prosthodontics are continually seeking the best and latest in technology and information for our patients, Procera dental crowns, bridges, implant replacement pieces and dentures, are part of that technological upgrade.

Nobel Procera prosthetics, including crowns, dental bridges, abutments, and dental implant bars are made with a high-translucency zirconia block. They look and feel as natural as your teeth.

What is a Procera crown?

Dental crowns are used to shield and protect damaged teeth. They can also be used over a dental implant to replace a missing tooth entirely. Procera is an all-ceramic material that makes the restoration of your teeth look more natural. The difference between a Procera crown and a porcelain crown is its strength, and when compared to porcelain over metal crown, Procera does not have the metal base. Overall, Procera crowns look more natural; they will hide in your mouth.

Besides their natural appearance, Procera crowns are biocompatible. The risk of allergy or reaction from acrylic is very low and is considered safe for patients with allergies to metallic substances. Considered metal-free, Procera will not experience notable temperature changes inside your mouth, making them more comfortable than metal crowns. Its biocompatibility also allows for the re-growth of gum tissue without irritation, helping the entire unit appear more natural.

Procera crowns are created using a specialized scanning system that we have in our office. We use the software to scan and design a customized tooth which is then milled using CAD/CAM technology, meaning you are presented with a precise tooth to fit the spot working in harmony with the surrounding tissue

Procera Scanner

The Procera Scanner is an intraoral scanning system used to create a 3D image for the creation of prosthetics. Using the Procera scanner and the iTero wand, we can collect thousands of images in a matter of seconds that are then digitally assembled into one precise 3D image. This image captures the patient’s bite, along with the surrounding soft and hard tissue. We then digitally forward this image along with the order to a dental lab where your prosthetic is fabricated. No messy molds, no sending tangible molds out, the entire process is performed digitally, meaning you get it faster and with greater precision.

How does Procera work with dental implants?

The work being done with dental implants is changing and becoming more exciting by the moment. Whether you need to restore a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, there is an implant procedure that is right for you. Dental implants today come with a wide variety of options, including metal free, mixing implants and natural teeth with placing dental bridges, the length, width, and angle of the implant and more. Our staff can help you discover the right implant procedure to best suit your needs.

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Nobel Procera prosthodontics provides patients with a product that offers exceptional aesthetics and strength using metal-free materials. Click the link to learn more about the products and how Dallas Prosthodontics can improve your smile.
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