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What Problems Can Veneers Correct?

Close up photo of dental veneers being placed on a patient at Dallas Prosthodontics in Dallas, TXDental issues like tooth discoloration, crooked or cracked teeth, and an oral cavity with gaps between the teeth are common. An expert dentist can recommend a solution based on your dental needs, and one of the possible fixes to all of these problems is dental veneers.
Dental veneers are thin, customized shells made up of porcelain which cover your tooth's exterior to improve its appearance.

Dental veneers are commonly considered a cosmetic dentistry solution which helps improve dental appearance, improve your smile and boost your confidence. However, they are not just a cosmetic solution. Dental veneers can be used as a dental restoration solution as they help fix several dental problems.

Common Oral Health Issues That Can Be Corrected With Dental Veneers

Gaps In The Oral Cavity

Dental veneers are an effective solution to cover the gaps between your teeth. Porcelain veneers can help conceal the gaps in your oral cavity so your teeth appear more natural and uniform.

Worn Out Teeth

Poor dental hygiene habits and aging can take a toll on the condition of your teeth. As a result, you experience enamel erosion, which leaves your teeth more prone to damage.

Dental veneers offer a solution to worn-out teeth. The natural-looking porcelain shells cover the uneven tooth's exterior, which helps enhance your smile while protecting your teeth against further deterioration.

Tooth Discoloration

Even with the best dental hygiene practices, it's common for individuals to experience discolored teeth. Certain foods and medications can leave stains on your teeth, making them appear dull and brown. Sometimes, these stains are set in and cannot be removed with scaling or whitening treatments. Dental veneers are a solution to discolored teeth as it helps restore their natural appearance and improve your smile.

Misshapen or Crooked Teeth

Some people can naturally have teeth that are uneven or slightly crooked. Dental veneers can make your teeth appear more aligned and uniform. Moreover, they can be used as an alternative to orthodontic procedures such as traditional braces or clear aligners to fix the appearance of slightly crooked teeth.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common dental health concern and is an indication of a more serious dental concern like gum recession or tooth erosion. Dental veneers can provide a solution to tooth sensitivity as they add a protective layer on your tooth surface, which helps prevent tooth sensitivity and associated discomfort.

Dental veneers are an effective solution to several oral health concerns and can significantly improve your smile and confidence. By practicing good oral hygiene and scheduling regular dental checkups every six months you can expect your dental veneers to last 10 to 15 years.

At Dallas Prosthodontics, we make customized dental veneers to correct the imperfections of your oral cavity and to improve your smile. Our team of dental experts is here to assist you at each step so you can make an informed decision about your oral health. If you look forward to whiter, healthier and natural-looking teeth, call us today at (972) 503-7200 to schedule an appointment and get a step closer to your desired smile.

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If you look forward to whiter, healthier and natural-looking teeth, call us today to schedule an appointment and get a step closer to your desired smile.
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