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Why do Dentures Give the Face a Sunken Appearance?

Posted on 11/30/2019 by Dr. Castellon
Why do Dentures Give the Face a Sunken Appearance?The role of dentures is to provide a better quality of life. A better quality of life can come in the form of being able to eat the foods you love, being able to speak properly and the prevention of disease, but another aspect some people may be concerned about appearance.

Dentures can improve the appearance of not only your mouth but also your face shape compared to a mouth with no teeth. This is because dentures allow the mouth to function properly and give support.

However, dentures can make your face appear sunken. A sunken appearance may be the cause of ill-fitting dentures. When you first get your dentures, they are fitted to your dental specification. This is done by creating a mold and calculating the size of the teeth in the denture. When a person has had dentures for a long time, they could begin to fit improperly because of changes to the gums and remaining teeth.

Symptoms of Ill-fitting Dentures

The symptoms of ill-fitting dentures are easy to spot if you are vigilant. One thing you should look out for is pain or discomfort with regular use of your dentures. Experiencing these symptoms could point to a problem with the shape or integrity on the dentures. Dentures should never be painful to wear, and pain could indicate a problem.

Another common symptom is a sunken face. A sunken face can happen over time or immediately after receiving your dentures. A sunken face indicates your current dentures are not fitted properly. The most likely cause of this is the teeth in the denture being too short. It is important to spot a sunken face immediately as improperly fitted dentures can cause other dental problems like jaw deterioration over time. One way to avoid improper denture fitting is to visit our office regularly.

By doing so, we will be able to inspect for any that may occur in the future as well as inform you on how your dentures should feel when they are working correctly. If you are noticing improper denture fitting, please schedule an appointment at our office, and we will help you resolve the issue.

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