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Dental Implant Materials
Dallas, TX

Dental Implant pieces diagram - Dental Implants DallasFinding the perfect way to restore your smile and your confidence is our job here at Dallas Prosthodontics. Drs. Castellon and Buskin can help provide an optimal solution for your oral health, cosmetic, and financial needs. When you have one or more missing teeth, a highly beneficial solution is often a dental implant. These provide a level of stability and permanence not found elsewhere. Give us a call for more information on what these appliances can do for you.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are small posts that we can surgically install into your jaw. These act as the roots of new artificial teeth. Their versatility is one of the biggest attractions, as we can then secure any number of teeth onto one or more implants. For example, a crown would fill in the gap from the loss of one tooth, while a full set of dentures can be secured on four to six implants to restore full function of your mouth. These options provide far more stability and security to your mouth than a removable prosthetic may be able to offer. They give you a full range of speaking and eating abilities, both of which can be inhibited to varying degrees by traditional dentures or removable bridges. There are two main materials that make up our implants.

Titanium Dental Implants

The most commonly used material is titanium. These have been used since the mid-20th century and are still favored among most dentists. This metal is formed into a screw with a slightly roughened surface. This is then implanted into your upper or lower jaw, usually in two pieces. There are several benefits to this type of implant. For starters, we know the most about them. They have been in use for long enough that we have worked out all of the little kinks and details.

This option also gives a little bit of extra room for error. For example, if put in at an angle (this could be intentional for bone density reasons or accidental), it is a relatively easy repair. In some cases, we can also graft around them if there is a bone issue after the implant was already placed. Finally, these can offer a lifetime of service if properly taken care of.
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Zirconium Dental Implants

The other option for dental implants is zirconium. This is a ceramic rather than metal, and comes in one piece rather than two. It fuses with the bone very similar to its counterpart, but we have been using this option for far less time, meaning that we do not know as much about it or its lifespan. Zirconium is a great option for the 4% of the population that is allergic to titanium. It also does not hold the same risk of corrosion that the titanium one might. It is white and will not show through the gums. However, because it is one piece rather than two, part of it lies above the surface of your gums, meaning it can sustain damage during the healing process when you chew.
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Both of these options hold different bonuses unique to their composition. We can help you to decide which option is best for you. Call Drs. Castellon and Buskin here at (972) 503-7200 today to see what we can do for you when restoring your smile!

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Dental Implant Materials | Dallas Prosthodontics - Dallas, TX
Finding the perfect way to restore your smile and your confidence is our job here at Dallas Prosthodontics. Click the link to learn more about what makes a dental implant.
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