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The Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants are small titanium rods that are used to replace missing teeth. The rods are placed into your jaw and fuse with the bone. Abutments are placed on the top of the implants and those abutments are covered over with ceramic crowns, bridges or implant supported dentures. At Dallas Prosthodontics, we offer dental implants as a solution to tooth loss, restoring the function of your mouth as well as your smile. The procedure is a surgical one and requires a few different steps.

Why Implants?

Missing teeth significantly impact your life. Daily tasks, like eating and speaking, are greatly affected. Implants offer several benefits:
•  Restored eating and speaking
•  Greater comfort
•  Ease of care
•  Maintain the strength of your jawbone
•  Boost your confidence

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?


Before we place your implants, you must first have a consultation. During this consultation, we will perform a thorough oral exam to check on the health of any remaining teeth as well as that of your gums. We will also take a few x-rays to assess the condition of your jawbone. You will need sufficient bone mass to successfully support the implants. X-rays will also help us to plan the best placement for your implants, which will provide you with the best results possible.


On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at the surgeons office and he will first administer a local anesthetic and use any sedation techniques as necessary. Once the anesthetic takes affect any irreparable teeth are removed, then he will make the necessary incisions, drill into your jawbone to place the titanium rods. The incisions are then closed. Temporary teeth are placed, allowing you to eat and speak while you heal.


It could take several weeks to several months to heal from dental implant surgery. Rest is important during this time, as is proper care of the surgical sites. We will supply you with specific care instructions before sending you home. You will need to eat soft foods while you heal, so you don’t irritate your gums, but you should also make sure they are nutritious. While you heal, you will come back for periodic appointments so we can monitor your healing progress.

Getting your Permanent Teeth

After you are healed, you will come back to our office and we will place the abutments on each implant. We will then take impressions, which will be used to fabricate your final, permanent teeth. The teeth fabrication will be done at a lab and could take anywhere from one to two weeks. When your teeth are ready, you will come back one last time so that we can check for the fit of your false teeth and set them in place. For the most part, unless you choose removable overdentures, your false teeth are set permanently in place. However, should you require maintenance we can unscrew them to work on them. You have a permanent, beautiful smile and no one will know that you have implants.

The implant procedure does take some time, but the benefits far outweigh the healing time required following surgery.

Single Tooth Replacement Photos

single tooth replacement before 1
single tooth replacement after 1
single tooth replacement before 2 uniform
single tooth replacement after 2 uniform
single tooth replacement before 3 uniform
single tooth replacement after 3 uniform
single tooth replacement before 4 uniform
single tooth replacement after 4 uniform
single tooth replacement before 5
single tooth replacement after 5
single tooth replacement before 6
single tooth replacement after 6

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